Our goal is to bring people who are talented at teaching and can motivate children to learn English, people who are able to connect and empathize with kids. Fluency in English, a dynamic personality, professionalism, empathy and passion for the job are the defining characteristics of the teachers on our team.

우리 교육의 목표는 뛰어난 교수 실력을 갖춘 선생님들이 아이들의 영어 교육에 동기 부여를 하며 아이들과 의사소통하고 공감하는 지도자를 만나게 하는 것입니다. 훌륭한 영어실력, 활동적인 성격, 뛰어난 기량, 전문성 그리고 공감과 열정으로 가득찬 선생님들과 함께 합니다.



원    장 Eunjung Lee 

Principal Tina Lee

Master of Education - Kyung Hee University
Bachelor of Food & Nutrition - Dongduk Women's University

Diploma in TESOL, TEYC - UCL, British Columbia, Canada
Nutritionist Qualification Certificate  

Cook License in Korean Cuisine and Western Cuisine
Instructed Elementary Students for 10 years in Mokdong 
Instructed Kindergarteners & Elementary students in Wonderland
Instructed Elementary Students in Reading Town in Jamsil
Instructed Kindergarteners and Elementary students in Yangpyeong English Village

Te Rieva

원어민 강사_테리바 Instructor _ Te Rieva Bachelor of Tourism Management Pacific International Hotel Management School, New Plymouth, New Zealand

Rinnah Kim

한국인 강사_김혜영 Instructor _ Rinnah Kim Bachelor of English and Global Studies, Asia United Theological University, Korea


원어민 강사_벤자민 Instructor _ Benjamin Mendoza Bachelor of Business with emphasis in Marketing, Minor in Film Studies, University of Northern Colorado, CO

원어민 강사_니콜 Instructor _ Nicole Nieuwoudt Bachelor of Education-Visual Art & English, Pretoria University Asian College of teachers TEFL Certified-Certificate in Teaching English

차량 선생님_오영애 School Bus Assistant_Anna Oh

차량 선생님_남기병 School Bus Driver_Bill Nam